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the magic line_cat



A young friend of mine, who is about three feet tall and six years old, reached in his pocket one day and pulled out a small black button. He held it up for me to see. “I’m going to make you a pig with this,” he told me. I leaned in to examine the quarter inch round, two holed, black shiny button. “Okay,” I replied, wondering just what he had in mind. What would be the connection of pig to button? What do you think it is? Press the button to find out, and make one yourself.


In these storyboard sequences I use my own “language” of shapes and colors to tell a well known children’s story.
The abstract style shown here involves form, color and size to communicate the action and emotion of the story.
Can you tell which story it is?
I also include a poem riddle. Perhaps the poem and the illustration riddle will help you solve the puzzle.

What is it?
Grows itself taller than trees
At night when nobody sees.
Destroy it after you snatch
The treasure that soon will hatch.



Now that you know how to read an abstract illustration, can you guess which children’s story this is?