My Television Interview: How To Make A Children’s Book

Recently I had the opportunity to challenge myself by accepting an invitation to discuss my career as an artist and author on the live local television show, Darlene Carman Presents.  The interview is now on YouTube at

My first impulse was to say no to the invitation, too intimidating. So instead, I said yes! I am glad I did because it was a great experience.

discussing a page from my picture book Smelling Sunshine with Darlene and Doug Carman on their cable access TV show; Darlene Carman

Darlene Carman, Doug Carman, and I on their television show, Darlene Carman Presents, discussing my picture book, Smelling Sunshine

From participating in the show I learned:

  • How a television interview is put together -  Darlene’s approach is an exchange of information between the presenter and the interviewer; prior to the interview, Darlene and I communicated through email, exchanging ideas as she gathered information about my career.
  • How to help shape and prepare for a live interview – I gave Darlene as much information as she requested about my career, and she put together questions for the interview which worked as a guideline for my appearance;  I knew what we would be discussing.
Discussing how I illustrated a  page from Smelling Sunshine

A page I illustrated from my picture book, Smelling Sunshine

  • What the people involved in filming the show do, and what a great sense of comradely they share; there are multiple cameras for different angle shots and a floor ‘manager’ to conduct the show and keep track of timing; a friendly atmosphere pervades.
  • What a constructive force the Carman’s are for getting information out to the public – go through their YouTube shows, and you’ll notice their diverse interests; interviews include artist and naturalist John Muir Laws, writer Liz Cunningham, and wildlife photographer Elaine Bond.
Darlene Carman and I talking about the teddy bear page in Smelling Sunshine

Darlene Carman and I talking about the teddy bear page in Smelling Sunshine

  •  How to stop my mind from inventing self defeating stories, and allow an experience that is filmed at the moment unfold – preparation and meditation was the key; I had fun and enjoyed myself.

Find the interview on YouTube at or look on You Tube: Darlene Carman Presents, How To Make A Children’s Book. I hope you enjoy the interview and learn something about how to make a children’s book.

Holding up an illustration from my new picture book, A Stick Until (Star bright Books, 2017)

An illustration from my new picture book, A Stick Until (Star Bright Books, 2017)

5 thoughts on “My Television Interview: How To Make A Children’s Book

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you, Martha! I think your weekly blogs are equally brave, and well done. I enjoy getting them.

  1. Kathryn Wills

    Terrific camera presence and information related in a very personal way. Intrigued by the story behind certain elements in your book…the clothesline done out of a map, painting with a baseball and the teddy bear. Story within the story. Well done!

    1. admin Post author

      I appreciate your thoughts, Kathy. It was an invitation that required much preparation. Although the interview is about my career path, I tried to shine light on other subjects as well. I learned so much about getting out of my way, how to help shape an interview, and how to allow a moment to unfold by listening.

    2. admin Post author

      Thank you Kathy. I learned so much preparing and participating in this interview. Saying yes is sometimes very important.


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